Reduce costs - protect the environment

Wood heating

Wood – a raw material that is abundant in Switzerland. CO2 neutral and a cost- stable long-term alternative to fossil fuels. Wood heating systems are ideal for combined heat systems , as a complete solution and complementary to an existing oil heater. Benefit from government subsidies for new construction, reconstruction or renovation.


Heat pump

Using regenerative energies from nature efficiently – with innovative heat pump technology. Whether and which type of heat pump is the right heating system for your property depends largely on the location. We would be happy to advise you on how to make sensible long-term investments in cost-effective and environmentally friendly technology. Benefit from subsidies in the short term and save CO2 and costs in the long term!

Oil Heating

Thanks to innovative oil heating systems and state-of-the-art technology, maximum efficiency becomes possible. Produce heat / energy after use, not availability. An oil heater can be complemented by complementary solar, wood heating or heat pumps. This reduces dependence on oil price fluctuations and availability, and improves CO2 emissions. So you are ready for the future!

Maintenance work

Conversion, new construction or renovation of heating systems are associated with one-off investments that require appropriate care. The professionals of K + M Haustechnik AG, take care of the maintenance and control of all heating systems and maximize targeted and reliable service life and profitability. In addition, the service team is always available in case of emergency – 24/7!

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